What is British Airways Booking Process?

British Airways Booking Process

British Airways is one of the most renowned airlines in the world. It always has been one of the major flag-bearing airlines of the United Kingdom. British Airlines has flights to and from all over the world, so it can sometimes prove to be a challenge to understand how to book a seat for the flight.

Now, you can easily book a flight by going on their website, through different travel websites, or from other travel agency websites. You can also book tickets from the official mobile app of British Airways.

You will see various cheap deals on the official British Airways Website or the Official British Airways mobile app. You can select one of your likings. Additionally, if you are a regular commuter through British Airways, you will get exciting offers with miles earned. You can cash in on them and select a suitable deal that suits you.

How to Book British Airways Flights Ticket?

The booking process is quite easy to maneuver, just follow these steps:

  • Open the official British Airways Website on your laptop, tablet, pc, and mobile.
  • Then select the flight booking hyperlink on the website.
  • Now enter the place from where you will be boarding and your destination.
  • On the same page, select the type of booking you wish to make i.e. Return or One-way.
  • After this enter the dates of your travel and select the type of ticket (flexible ticket or lowest price)
  • Select the number of passengers accompanying you.

After all these steps, select the flight deal which suits more to your liking. The next step is to make the payment. You need to select the make payment option and then you will be redirected to the Payment Gateway.

Select the payment method. You will have options to pay from Personal Card or Corporate Card. On the personal card, you get the option: Visa Personal, MasterCard Personal, Discover Personal, Diner’s Club Personal American Express Personal, or Paypal.

On the selection of Corporate Card, you will get the same payment options with an additional charge which will be specified beforehand.

Also, instead of PayPal, you will get the Airplus/UATP option. Make the payment in a secure and safe browser.

And upon completing the transaction, your tickets will be mailed to your specified Email ID along with a British Airways Booking Number.

This booking number is a very important number which must be kept at ready in case if you have any need for canceling the booking or need to reschedule your flights.

In case if you wish to do so, you need to go to this website.

Fill in the British Airways Manage Booking Number along with the passenger’s last name & you will be able to manage your booking online.

That is how booking for a British Airways flight is completed.

For any queries regarding the flight tickets, you can contact the following numbers:

  • British Airways Customer Support Number: 1 (800) 247-9297
  • Contact for Executive Club Members: +1-800-346-0062

To make a new booking or change an existing booking inquiry: +1-888-826-0067 (local calls) and (international calls).

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