What is Baggage fees for Spirit Airlines?

Spirit Airlines Baggage Fees

Baggage is an essential part of your travel. You do carry one two or more baggage in your travel. The number and weight of baggage depend upon the purpose of your trip. For example, if you are going for a holiday you may carry lightweight baggage and if you are shifting from one place to another you may have more baggage with you. Because airlines allow you baggage up to a limit in terms of numbers and the weight you need to be aware of spirit airlines baggage policy and baggage fee also. The baggage fee for Spirit Airlines is simple but you need to read about it. In this article, we are bringing the baggage fee on Spirit Airlines for you which will help you in deciding how much you should carry and how much you need to pay if you are carrying the excess baggage.

Spirit Airlines does not include baggage charges in the base fare and the base fare also does not include any carry one items. Also if you choose to pay for it closer to the departure of your flight you may end up paying a higher amount for it. So you are recommended that you should pay for baggage allowance at the time of booking or soon after booking to save lots of money. You also need to note that the maximum baggage allowed is 40lbs on a flight of Spirit Airlines and if you carry anything beyond that you need to pay extra for it. You are allowed to carry 1 personal item with your base fare for free.

Spirit Airlines Baggage Policy

The baggage fee depends upon the timing of purchase and the route you are flying in. If you book at the time of flight booking you will pay less but if you buy closer to the date of departure you will pay more. Below is the fair baggage allowance for Spirit Airlines but you need to contact Spirit Airlines customer care to be specific.

  1.  No cost for a personal item as it is included in the base fare.
  2. For the standard carry on bags:
  3. At the time of booking: $9 Fare club – $26 to $31, Standard – $35 to $40
  4. Before and during the online check-in : $9 Fare club – $36 to $41, Standard – $45 to $50
  5. At the airport reservation desk: $52 to $70
  6. At the gate – $65 to $76
  7. Size limits that are allowed are the followings:
  8. 18X14X8 inches for personal items and
  9. 22X18X10 inches for standard items

Spirit Airlines Checked Baggage Allowance

The maximum weight allowed for all checked bags is 40 pounds and the maximum dimension allowed is 62 inches. If you carry more weight than 4o pounds you will have to pay an extra fee from $30-$100. If you carry oversized baggage you will have to pay an extra fee from $100 to $150.

So, this is the baggage policy of Spirit Airlines in brief for you. But as mentioned the actual fee depends upon the route of the travel. You should contact Spirit Airlines customer care service to know the exact details
of the baggage fee when you are going to pay for it. But one thing is clear the closer you pay the lesser you need to pay for your baggage.

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